Fado in Porto

Discover Traditional Fado in Porto at Clube Real do Fado. A concert hall that honors the tradition and quality of authentic Fado Houses. With roots in Taberna Real do Fado, it celebrates the authentic spirit of this quintessentially Portuguese art. Discover true Fado in the heart of Porto.

Rute Rita - Concertos de Fado no Porto
Paulo Cangalhas - Concertos de Fado no Porto

Traditional Fado in Porto

An immersive experience at Clube Real do Fado

Awaken your senses and dive into the emotion of Fado at Clube Real do Fado, in the heart of Porto. Embark on an unforgettable musical journey through the deepest sounds of Portugal. Celebrate tradition with unique performances that combine the voices of two talented Fado singers and the virtuosity of two guitarists.

Clube Real do Fado

Concert Hall & Wine Bar

A space for celebrating Portuguese culture through Fado, food, and wine. Fado, an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, is a centuries-old tradition that captures the true essence of Portuguese culture. At Clube Real do Fado, you can experience authentic performances. The voices and guitars express the deep emotions and rich history of Portugal.

Wine Bar - Clube Real do Fado - concertos de Fado no Porto
Concerto de Fado no Porto - Clube Real do Fado

Traditional Fado Concerts

From Monday to Saturday at 7 PM

Discover the True Essence of Traditional Fado in Porto.
Attend an unforgettable Fado performance, enjoy our selection of wines, and experience a unique evening. Tickets are limited to ensure an exclusive experience. Secure your place at a show where music transcends words and the heart of Portugal beats stronger. Book now and secure your spot at this unique encounter with Portuguese musical tradition!


Fado from Monday to Saturday


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Rua Dr. Barbosa de Castro, 65
4050-091 Porto

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